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Your first project is actually you at the Faculty of Installation Engineering.

Take your passions and let's build the future together.

Until 4 years of study.

Diploma of internationally accredited engineer

Wide job opportunities

Why Installation Engineering?

Because installations give life and value to buildings!

The functional value of a building, which means comfort and safety of use, as well as operating costs (energy and other utilities), classifies a building in terms of quality. A building has utility value if the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, lighting, water supply, sewage, fire safety, data transmission, automation, and so on, systems exist and operate correctly. And for proper operation, all phases of the system's development are involved: design, construction/installation, and use/maintenance.

The investment value of modern installations in a building is high and continuously increasing (40-70% of the total), while the operating/utilization costs of buildings are almost exclusively due to the operation of the installations with which they are equipped (energy, water, fuels).

The profession of Installation Engineer is beautiful, highly sought after, and modern, offering great satisfaction. It is sought after because, in the built environment, the design, construction, and use of installations can only be carried out by professional installation engineers, and the construction sector is large and continuously expanding. The profession is modern because the need for comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability through the use of renewable energy resources, as well as environmental protection, are the imperatives of the modern world, and we, installation engineers, are key professionals in achieving these objectives, working in teams with architects and structural engineers.

What can you do with a degree in installation engineering?

As it is a diploma obtained in state education, it is recognized both nationally and internationally.

The Faculty of Installation Engineering, through the activity of teaching staff with exceptional professional and academic training, helps you acquire the necessary knowledge to become a good engineer, develop analytical thinking, and the ability to find sustainable solutions to a wide range of situations encountered in the built environment. Here, you can also gain the knowledge needed to become a technical expert in various economic sectors (business, finance, management, entrepreneurship, justice, etc.). We also guarantee that after graduation, you will be capable and equipped with the knowledge necessary to make the world a better place.


Higher education in installations was established in 1949 within the Bucharest Institute of Construction, which has since become the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest.

This year we celebrate 73 years of higher technical education in installations, during which numerous installation engineers have been trained.

During this time, we have trained over 10,000 students who have graduated from the Faculty of Installation Engineering.

One of the recent successes of the faculty is represented by the results of students Mihai Băiceanu and Ene Alexandra, winners of the Gala of Excellence Awards for UTCB Students, who have also achieved remarkable results in extracurricular activities.

The excellence award was won by students from the #EFdeN team, who, at the international competition #SolarDecathlonMiddleEast, have won numerous awards for #Romania!

Discover which specialization suits you best:

Bachelor's Degree

Building Installations

Master's Degree

Energy Efficiency of Building Installations (in Romanian and French)

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